We are honored to collaborate with renowned New York architect, John Butterworth, on a residential project in Snowmass Village. After meeting him, and discussion our design philosophies we knew it would be a good fit. John and his team specialize in contemporary residential design that focuses on the ‘synthesis of space, natural light, materials and detail to achieve continuity and clarity of design and expression’ – all of which we support whole heartedly.


With John at the helm of design, we delved into the project of scrapping the existing structure and starting anew on a gorgeous, slope-side plot engulfed in Aspen trees. The finished plans impressed the Snowmass Village design review board for they are looking for new, innovative, modern architecture that seamlessly integrates into the landscape. This 6,500 square foot alpine ski house does just that – a contextual concept that uses natural materials to merge exterior and interior living spaces. The simplicity of the floor plan gives the home an elegant, yet cutting edge feel that fits the owner’s lifestyle.

Ground broke earlier this month so our team is working closely with the contractors, ensuring the building process is flawless and all party’s expectations are met.

We look forward to sharing more imagery as soon as it is complete in XXXXX.